Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My daughter is right - -

My daughter recently emailed me the link, posted below, to an article in the New York Times reporting on the latest savage episode of gang rape going on in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is what she said:

"This recent event reminded me of the gruesome rape scene in your book. It's understandable that people were shocked by that part of The Manhattan Prophet, it seems too horrific for this world. But really, that scene is tame compared to what's going on in the Congo. I bet the same people who were shocked by that part of the book would see this headline "At Least 150 Women Raped in Weekend Raid in Congo" and look the other way. But we shouldn't look away - people do terrifying, horrible things to each other all over the world, and if knowing about it doesn't inspire us to create positive change, it should at least inspire us to appreciate the safety and prosperity in our lives and gain perspective on what's important. Glad you're standing strong by that part of the novel, you never know, maybe it will help spread awareness and break open the bubble."

Truth is always stranger than fiction. If I wrote a scene in my book similar to the account of systematic rape in this NYT article, people would think I have one very sick mind! - - When someone goes to a savage war movie, or something about the holocaust, the violence portrayed is to elevate the consciousness about the evil of war, and how it could turn ordinary people into monsters. So in essence, every war flick is an anti-war movie. In that way, the rape scene in the Manhattan Prophet is anti-cruelty and anti-violence against women. It is there to set up the depraved quality of life that innocent people condemned to Shantypark are forced to live. - - My daughter was right - -

Here's the link - write something in this blog, lemme know what you are thinking - :)

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