Saturday, April 11, 2009

Almost all here - -

3 years of writing and then a full year of editing, formatting and preparing for print, and now the book is almost here. I hope the next one does not take nearly as long.

Even though it is frustrating at times when measuring the rate of real change - - the process of producing this novel has been fabulous, great fun. When the website is finished with the book for sale, I will have completed the writing process for The Manhattan Prophet. Then I can start working on the next book! I'm hoping that people, friends, readers, professionals will use the website and blog to give me feedback on what it is I have just learned to really enjoy, my writing.

Happy to see it is almost all here - - trailer is up, blog is on - - Almost all here

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Perfect Season for the Book

This is the season for The Manhattan Prophet . . . Easter - Passover . . . for The Manhattan Prophet too is a story of rebirth, the rebirth of all of mankind after the disasters predicted by the doomsayers come true. It is a story of hope and redemption, without judgment or intention to proselytize. It is a love story, both human and supernatural, and it is an action story that accelerates almost as fast as epiphanous change. This is also my favorite season. A season where stories are told from almost an undocumentable history. From a time of miracles and marches to freedom that changed the entire world. Israelites in exodus, Jesus rising, all without tangible proof other then the tales themselves, but now the rock hard seed of all religion and culture. Gives a hesitant pause to the definition of the word faith.