Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Review

I got my first review today, less then one month since The Manhattan Prophet was released. They say you always remember your first. It was from Fantasy Book Critic. - http://fantasybookcritic.blogspot.com/ - This is what he wrote to my publicist after reading the book:

-- I finished the book yesterday and it blew me away - great book and I hope there will be more in its universe. I put impressions on sffworld and the full Fantasy Book Critic review will be in the first available spot - we have a full slate for this and the next 2 weeks but I hope the first week of August will do.

We also will have a 'notable 2009 books so far' posts this weekend (Sat will be fantasy/mainstream and Su will be sf and mainstream fantastic) and I added Manahttan Prophet as a co-#2 in mainstream fantastic - I would rank it co-#1 since I was so impressed but I need some time from reading for that to see how the book stays in my mind...

Great, great book and thank you very much for it." --

Go see his impressions about the book at sffworld:


Hey, hopefully just the beginning -

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Fable - - -

The Manhattan Prophet is a fable about what could happen if the world was visited by a modern miracle, just like it was reported over 2000 years ago with Jesus, and a few centuries later with Mohammad. Both those stories are shrouded in mystery as there is no hard evidence to support any of it. Religion as we know it took those stories and created huge geo-political movements that are now perched against one another in what could be a devastating armed conflict. Combine that with the new 'religion' of science and technology, whose misuse through human greed and avarice has created what 98% of today's best minds believe will be a major cataclysmic change to our planet's ability to support life as we know it, then we will be in a pile of shit! How do we get out of that mess? In my book a new global spritual movement spontaneously evolves just as civilization is ready to sink in its own refuse. It is embodied in one man, or prophet, whose origins are also veiled and vague, just as the existing major religions were, and whose exploits are also impossible to verify, until - - - Well, I guess you have to read the book.

The fourth universal rule you can always count on, the limitless glory of God, is a metaphor for how incredible it is to just be here, conscious amongst the bounties of the universe, able to talk about it, sing about it, and paint pictures about it.

What is most important is that I hope the story gets people thinking about these things, and talking about these things. Because when I talk about 'spirituality' with others and hear their thoughts and perceptions, I feel better, and more able to relax into the major tenets of modern religions: treat people like you would want to be treated yourself, be kind to the downtrodden and less fortunate, and live amongst men in a moral and ethical way. When we live in conscious awareness of the divine (and by divine I do not mean a godly figure dressed up like an old man with a white beard, but the eternal and constant, yet everchanging universe within which we were created but will never fully understand) then we are better able to practice living like the existing religions preach. Human minds can't conceive of the always and the infinite, so that is where faith has to come in to play.

Anyway, that is some of what I think - Waddayouthink?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy July

July 4, 2009 - The country declared itself independent from Great Britain 233 years ago, New York purchased from native Americans 385 years ago, Columbus given the credit of being the first European to see America 517 years ago, Jesus has been dead on the cross for 2009 years, and that was the last time a major part of the human family agrees upon the credibility of a reported miracle, albeit one which didn't leave any actual evidence behind allowing for tangible proof by scientific means. For me it somehow always comes back to this. Anyway, Happy Birthday America, and many, many more - -