Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Book is Finally Available

After 3 years of writing and a year of editing and getting it to print, the book is finally available on the website. I truly hope people read it and communicate to me on this blog with their thoughts on the writing, the theme, the premises, etc. For instance, one of the issues I brush against in the story is the 'faith vs. science debate'. I think this discussion is still very heated, especially since people are so sensitive about their concept of God and death. Against the backdrop of a world in the near future that is severely compromised by the modern industrial complex, I have tried to redefine faith in this book by giving people the choice to believe in something communally spiritual - - coming from within the individual heart on out, instead of century's old values, rituals, and beliefs passed down from the top through organized religion. I think the "God" vs. 'Technology" issue is very touchy and I would love to see this blog be a forum for discussion about something like that, as well as the other themes developed in The Manhattan Prophet.

Up to now the only feedback I have had is with a few people who read the first draft and my 2 very helpful editors. I welcome more. Now, The Manhattan Prophet is in your hands.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Message from Tehran

The real story with the Iranian election upheaval is the cyberbattle now ensuing between the state shutting down opposition websites, and interfering with general internet and text messaging traffic - - to the point of something tantamount to direct censorship - - and the counterattack by the opposition who have begun launching their own attacks against the pro-government websites. The battle for info has become the battle for control. Did I know there were that many anti hardline government voters in Iran? No. I do now - and it does change my perception of Iran as a people.

In my book, The Manhattan Prophet, the world has progressed to a place of such dire insecurity that internet communication is highly controlled and restricted by the powers that be - - too much info for a repressed population would be dangerous. We are seeing this highlighted now in Iran. I'm getting the message.